About Westmorland Images

Michele Benoy-Westmorland is a freelance photographer with a range of skills, including worldwide travel, lifestyle and underwater photography. Her years of diving have led Michele to being an active proponent of marine conservation issues. In addition she is passionate about cultural preservation as highlighted by her project Headhunt Revisited.

At Westmorland Images, we provide exceptional imagery and branding for adventure companies, properties, and yachts. Combined with the identity, print and web design of Kevin leDoux, our team utilizes visual storytelling to relay an all-encompassing message of the services your company offers. We believe that a successful marketing campaign gives the guest a holistic view of the travel experience that they are embarking on. Westmorland Images is committed to working with eco-friendly and sustainable operations. Whether you need some fresh photography for your marketing, a cohesive brand, print or web design, or the whole package, the collaboration between Westmorland lmages and leDoux Design is the one stop shop.